Leasia Cleary, MSW, LCSW, LICSW, PC

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Therapy is about partnering with clients to assess sources of pain and suffering.  It is about assessing client’s strengths and areas of resiliency.  Following life disruptions, therapy allows new meanings to be found, and productive patterns of relating to be established.  Therapy should be a time for renewal and restoration.  I bring my own healing to the process, combined with a pro-active, direct style that helps people land differently.  


 My therapy and counseling style is collaborative, compassionate and direct. My approaches involve Psychodynamic, Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral, Grief and Loss, and Self-Psychology Theories. I also focus on Strength Based Models and Mindfulness work. My clients determine their goals for therapy, and we work together to create healing. This involves finding meaning and purpose in our lives, creating and restoring relationships with others, and developing coping strategies that promote healing in times of grief, trauma and loss. It involves restoring and renewing our self-esteem, as well as looking at the impact our childhood and life experiences have had on our adult functioning. Good therapy and counseling will also focus on healing sources of shame and humiliation in our lives. These can contribute to self-destructive styles of coping, in order to avoid feeling emotional pain. Therapy will address changing entrenched patterns, finding new meanings, and living more fully.

Leasia Cleary, LCSW, LICSW, PC

Many of my therapy and counseling clients are working through a grief process due to life transitions, illness, death, or memories related to childhood experiences or trauma. This often involves a parent or caregiver that wasn’t doing the best that they could have.  I am committed to the highest ethical standards of my profession, and to a client’s right to obtain justice and fairness in any form they are able.  I also believe that clients have inner wisdom, and tools for change within them. A safe therapy process will improve emotional wellness, and help clients lead more fulfilling lives.